• Name : Dr. G Elisha Babu
  • Designation : Course Co-ordinator
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About department

One of the most respectful professions chosen by the Graduates globally is Teaching Profession where they are responsible for catering knowledge among students and young learners in a strategic manner. It is teachers who alone can contribute and build a healthy academic system for a nation to grow.In order to become a teacher by profession, one has to qualify the graduation degree followed by a mandatory course called Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). B.Ed course is usually spanned for two years, split into four semesters which makes thea graduate eligible for getting employed as a teacher.The primary aim to take up a B.Ed course is, to learn the art of teaching. To transform knowledge from one individual teacher to a class of students is not easy. Hence, in the B.Ed course, would be teachers are taught how to gain attention from students so that they actively participate and learn in class and various Teaching Skills would be inculcated. The College of Education was established in the year 2014 with one well experienced Principal and 8 (Eight) senior faculty members who had vast experiences in Teacher Education.

Sr.no Name of the Teacher Designation Email Image Profile
1 Prof. K Subba Rao Professor ksr.edu@aknu.edu.in Prof. K Subba Rao Profile
2 Mr. R Sambasiva Rao Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) rssr.edu@aknu.edu.in Mr. R Sambasiva Rao Profile
3 Dr. M Gopala Krishna Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) mgk.edu@aknu.edu.in Dr. M Gopala Krishna Profile
4 Dr. G Elisha Babu Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) elisha.edu@aknu.edu.in Dr. G Elisha Babu Profile
5 Mr. V Ramakrishna Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) vrk.edu@aknu.edu.in Mr. V Ramakrishna Profile
6 Smt. J Rajamani Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) rajamani.edu@aknu.edu.in Smt. J Rajamani Profile
7 Dr. N Sujatha Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) elisha.edu@aknu.edu.in Dr. N Sujatha Profile
8 Dr. R S Varahala Dora Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) dora.edu@aknu.edu.in Dr. R S Varahala Dora Profile
9 Smt. K S Raja Rajeswari Devi Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) devi.edu@aknu.edu.in Smt. K S Raja Rajeswari Devi Profile