• Name : Dr. P Vijaya Nirmala
  • Designation : Department Head
  • Phone :
  • Email : zoology.ucst@aknu.edu.in
About department
Sr.no Name of the Teacher Designation Email Image Profile
1 Dr. A Matta Reddy Associate Professor amr.zoo@aknu.edu.in Dr. A Matta Reddy Profile
2 Dr. K Ramaneswari Associate Professor ramaneswari.zoo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Ramaneswari Profile
3 Dr. P Vijaya Nirmala Assistant Professor pvn.zoo@aknu.edu.in Dr. P Vijaya Nirmala Profile
4 Dr. D Kalyani Assistant Professor dk.zoo@aknu.edu.in Dr. D Kalyani Profile
5 Dr. I J N Padmavathi Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) ijnp.biochem@aknu.edu.in Dr. I J N Padmavathi Profile
6 Dr. K Satish Kumar Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) ksk.zoo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Satish Kumar Profile
7 Dr. J Balaji Chandra Mouli Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) jbcm.biotech@aknu.edu.in Dr. JBCM Profile
8 Dr. D Sridhar Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) sridhar.aqua@aknu.edu.in Dr. D Sridhar Profile
9 Dr. D S R S Prakash Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) dssp.biotech@aknu.edu.in Dr. D S R S Prakash Profile
10 Dr. S Murali Mohan Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) smm.biotech@aknu.edu.in Dr. S Murali Mohan Profile
11 Dr. K. Kamalakara Rao Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) kkr.biochem@aknu.edu.in Dr. K. Kamalakara Rao Profile