• Name : Dr. K Nooka Ratnam
  • Designation : Department Head
  • Phone :
  • Email : geology.ucst@aknu.edu.in
About department
Sr.no Name of the Teacher Designation Email Image Profile
1 Prof. Y Srinivasa Rao Professor ysr.geo@aknu.edu.in Prof. Y Srinivasa Rao Profile
2 Dr. K V Swamy Assistant Professor kvs.geo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K V Swamy Profile
3 Dr. K Nooka Ratnam Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) knr.geo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Nooka Ratnam Profile
4 Dr. K Samule Peter Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) ksp.geo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Samule Peter Profile
5 Dr. K Sudha Rani Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) ksr.geo@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Sudha Rani Profile
6 Dr. G Appa Rao Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) gar.geo@aknu.edu.in Dr. G Appa Rao Profile
7 Ms. D Venkata Teja Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) teja.geo@aknu.edu.in Ms. D Venkata Teja Profile