S.No Name of the Teacher Patent Number Nature of the Patent Title of the Patent Year of Award / publish of patent
1 Prof. P.Suresh Verma 2020102381 International - Australia Efficient resource utilization and less complex technique for mapping machine learning algorithms in to embedded systems 2020
2 Prof. P.Suresh Verma 2020102608 International - Australia Next Generation Framework for Smart Building monitoring using 6LoWPAN 2020
3 Prof. P.Suresh Verma 202041048061 A National - India Smart City metering System using SIGFOX IOT Platform Approach 2020
4 Mr BVA Swamy 2021102935 International - Australia An Automatic optimized fedoral selection system with extreme learnings machido in Retinopathy defition 2020
5 Mr BVA Swamy 2020102228 International - Australia A System for Detection of Corona virus in human body using Artificial Intelligence 2020
6 Prof. P.Suresh Verma 202141039319 A National - India Network traffic flow predictive, analytical and control model for cloud based networks 2021
7 Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi 202141021913A National - India Crystal Chemistry, Rietveld analysis, magnetic & microwave properties of Cu doped Strontium Hexaferrites 2021
8 Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi 202241001111 A National - India Impact of organized retailing on traditional retail business 2022
9 Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi 202241000438 A National - India Relationship marketing in hotel organizations 2022
10 Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi 20 2022 100 435.8 International-Germany(Utility Model) Intelligent management security system to protect against fraud when accessing a mobile unit with authentication options 2022
11 Dr. S. Rajyalakshmi 202221000835 A National - India Machine learning based personality prediction system and big 5 personality traits using python language 2022