Dr. M Nani Babu
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  • Designation : Course Coordinator
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About department

The Post-graduate Department of Political Science and Public Administration was established in November, 1977. It was started as an integrated Course of M.A. Politics and Public Administration with Dr T.Appa Rao, the renowned scholar of Public Administration as the founder Head of the Department. The Department was strengthened by Prof. V.S.K.Haranath who took a number of academic initiatives like organizing a 10 day Research Methodology Course, UGC sponsored, Two-day National Seminar on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and his contribution, guest lecturers etc. for the development of the Department. In the initial stages the Department is fortunate in receiving the services and guidance of stalwarts like Prof. RVR Chandrasekhar Rao, the former Vice-Chancellor of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University,Hyderabad; Prof.C.V Raghavulu, the former Vice-Chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur; Prof.A.Prasanna Kumar, the former Rector of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam; Prof. K.Venkateswarlu, the former principal, College of Arts, Commerce & Law, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Since then the Department has been steadily progressing in teaching and research. At present it has been recognised by the public and private agencies for its disciplined faculty providing quality education and research incorporating new techniques and methods in Political Theory and Public Administration.

From the inception of the Department, both the faculty and the students of the Department are hardworking and committed to academic work. Two teachers of the Department namely Prof.V.S.K.Haranath and Prof.I.Dosagiri Rao have secured 'Best Thesis' awards for outstanding contribution to the field of knowledge. Many faculty members of the Department are assigned with academic and administrative responsibilities in the PG centre. The Department has the distinction of having 4 Special Officers/Principals-Prof.V.S.K Haranath, Prof.J.V.K.V Pandit, Prof.I.Dosagiri Rao and Prof P.ArunKumar whose services cover a period of more than a decade. During their tenure a number of developmental activities like the acquisition of land for the PG centre, construction of Academic Bloc, Library building, Boys' Hostel Mess building, Plantation etc were undertaken. As Special Officer of the PG centre,Prof I.Dosagiri Rao was awarded the 'Republic Day Meritorious Award' at the district level by the District Collector, East Godavari on 26th January,2008.The teachers of the Department-Dr.A.Venkata Rao,Prof J.V.K.V. Pandit, Prof .I.Dosagiri Rao, Prof. P.Arun Kumar, Dr. P.V.V.Subrahmanyam and Dr. P.V.Krishna served the PG centre as Chief Wardens, Wardens and NSS Programme Officers. Dr.K.Satyanarayana, Dr.P.V.Krishna Dr.M.Satyanarayana and Dr.K.RatnaRaju are also very active in discharging their duties as the conveners and members of various Committees of A.U. Campus constituted by the Special Officer for the academic year 2015-2016. The alumni of this Department are well placed in society, politics and administration. The Department interacts with the officials, non-officials, political leaders, members of voluntary agencies and service organizations. The Department undertakes electoral studies, socio-economic surveys and evaluative studies of government schemes and programms etc, and thus responsive to the societal needs.

Sr.no Name of the Teacher Designation Email Image Profile
1. Dr. M Satyanarayana Assistant Professor(Contract) msn.pspa@aknu.edu.in Dr. M Satyanarayana
2. Dr. M Nani Babu Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) & Course Coordinator mnb.pspa@aknu.edu.in Dr. M Nani Babu
3. Dr. J Steephen Kommara Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) jsk.pspa@aknu.edu.in Dr. J Steephen Kommara
4. Dr. K Haribabu Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) khb.pspa@aknu.edu.in Dr. K Haribabu
5. Dr. Gopi Madaboyina Assistant Professor(Ad-hoc) gopi.pspa@aknu.edu.in Dr. Gopi Madaboyina