Advika 2K17 - Events

Paper Presentation
Mini Project

Group Event

Max. 2 per group

In this Event you must bring

the Soft Copy Of Your Presentation

And Give An Good Explaination of your Work



Any Trending Technology

Solo Event

This Event tests your Skills in finding errors

from the given C program

Scores will be given according to their performances

Group Event

Max. 3 per group

This Event allows you to exibit your project model

in the Exibit held where the judges come for a visit

and make a note of your marks



Group Event

Max. 3 Members Per Group

You will have Different Round

Round 1: Written Test(prelims)

Round 2: Quiz(Multiple rounds)

Teams are selected based on written test scores


1)General Studies

2)Subject related
Poster Presentation
Tech Charades
Short Film Competion

Group Event

Max. 2 members per group

in the exibit held Where the judges come for a visit

and make note of your marks



Solo Event

Search your own happiness in coding at

Advika 2K17

we are bringing a platform for you to exibit your coding talent

in such a way that you will know more about it

a task will be given to the participants and they need to write a program to solve the task


1) C Programing

Group Event

Max. 4 Members per Group

Technical Dumb-Charades is a New and exciting version

of dumb-charades in which

the team has to enact the given technical terms

Group Event

A Competetion held for the Creative persons

who show their ideas in form of short films

Film Duration:

Max. 15 Minutes